Experienced technicians. Outstanding customer service.

Our business is customer satisfaction.   Our skilled, experienced technicians visit facilities throughout the southeast to manage commercial HVAC installations, start-ups, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Our support staff works behind the scenes to maximize the effectiveness of our teams in the field. We all work hard to increase equipment longevity, ensure system efficiency, and minimize unplanned downtime.

We show up for our customers. We come armed with the knowledge to analyze systems and make recommendations to maximize efficiency. We answer phone calls. We return emails. We arrive on-site prepared with parts and the tools we need to get the job done. We do it all because we care about doing the right thing.

Hoffman Mechanical Solutions is 100% employee-owned. We offer competitive benefits, including healthcare insurance (including vision and dental), 401K, an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, a clothing allowance, paid time off and more.

If Hoffman Mechanical Solutions sounds like a good fit for you, check out our  open positions. 


What is Hoffman Mechanical Solutions all about?

Expert HVAC System Solutions
Our mission is to provide support with prompt responsewith system review and 24/7 emergency repair service. HMS offers industrial and commercial engineered solutions for both process and comfort cooling.

Highly Skilled Staff
HMS has electricians, pipe welders/fitters and OEM trained technicians who have a deep understanding of HVAC systems. We also have engineers on staff to review system needs.

Preventative Maintenance
HMS is fully dedicated to aftermarket service. We have comprehensive service experience on all types of equipment. We can reduce downtime, increase efficiency and maximize equipment life.



"The people I work with are what energize me, which as an introvert, is unusual for me to say. I don’t know if it’s the way the company has been run so long with the motto, “get good people on the bus and we’ll figure out the right seat” kind of mentality or the servants heart that’s seen from the CEO down to the person sweeping the floor once a project is done or if it’s that we all have a piece of the pie, the ESOP piece, or if it’s a combination of these and more. You can smell the entrepreneurial spirit in every nook and cranny of this business and its got a real excitement to it."




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