Stay safe and stay comfortable.

The new Haiku UV-C fan from Big Ass Fans offers the perfect combination of powerful air movement along with UV-C technology to disinfect spaces and keep you comfortable.

See details about the Haiku UV-C below.  Fill out the contact form if you want additional details!

Our team is offering solutions to help keep your buildings healthy

We're all concerned about making buildings as healthy as possible these days.  Our team is busy finding solutions that can help.  The new Haiku fan with UV-C technology in conjunction with other building solutions and CDC-recommended practices may help keep your building air healthier.

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How It Works

The fan directs invisible UV-C rays at the ceiling, inactivating airborne pathogens as they pass over the fixture.  Haiku increases air circulation through the disinfection zone. 

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Blue light indicates UV

The fixture's blue indicator LEDs give a soft glow, so you can know the whisper-quiet operation is cleaning the air in your space.

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Convenient Control

Use the Haiku by Big Ass Fans mobile app from anywhere within your network to activate your UV-C fixture or see operational hours for UV-C service.

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