Mild spring temps will give way to summer sizzle! 


Buy your fans now to beat the rush... and the rising temps! Big Ass Fans has a full line of products to fit your facility needs. From industrial HVLS fans and commercial overheads to portable directional fans, we have everything to meet your application.


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Beat the Heat

With These Big Ass Fans

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Industrial size meets contemporary style with Powerfoil Breeze, Big Ass Fans’ largest commercial overhead fan. 
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Industrial ceiling fan ideal for large industrial environments, harsh, dirty, indoor or outdoor locations, where quiet operation and energy efficient airflow are needed.
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Portable or Column/Wall Mounted fan ideal for group workstations, personal cooling, gyms, and when automatic on and off, durability, and multiple mounting options are needed. 
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Portable fan ideal for indoor and outdoor mobile cooling, work areas, event spaces, and when ultimate portability is a must.
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Home or Commercial ceiling fan idea for homes, patios, office spaces, gyms and smaller open spaces where smart-home integrations, style and energy efficiency are crucial. 
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Commercial or Home ceiling fan ideal for public locations like bars, patios, restaurants and gyms, large residential spaces, sound-sensitive environments, and when stylish customization is a must. 

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